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Salinas de Añana (Añana)

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The salted valley is declared as National Historical Monument. It is a triangular surface in hillside formed by terrazes at different levels fit in a narrow valley. The salted activity , documented from the IX century, has been forming the current lattice of more than five thousand platforms that adapt to the orography and goes along the bed of the river Muera, which starts in the end of the valley next to the brine spring, call of Santa Engracia. The process of obtaining of salt in Añana is for evaporation and it is developed in the summery months. The trade of the salt had great strategic relevance until the second half of the XIX century due to its importance like preservative of foods. Their production begins to decrease quickly from final of the 60´s due to the lack of economical profit. At the moment they are in restoration process.

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Salinas de Añana (Añana)
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