Cuadrilla of Añana


Estavillo washhouse
Estavillo washhouse
Estavillo washhouse
Surface: 10,6 Km²
Altitude: 467 m.
Population(INE 2008): 198 hab.
Armiñon, Estavillo and Lacorzana.
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Together with Estavillo, Armiñón formed one of the most ancient Fraternities of the province of Alava.

The villa of Armiñón is a small village placed on the banks of the river Zadorra whose riversides provide pleasant patches to walk and rest. It is a calm and mild villa with some sights of interest such as the Palace of the Marquis of Terán or the church of San Andrés Apóstol with an altarpiece from the 18th century. One of the most special patches is the recently restored bridge over the river Zadorra.

Very near to Armiñón we find Estavillo. Among its most notable buildings the church of San Martín stands out built in the 16th century and with an interesting Gothic portal. The central and left-lateral altarpieces that it preserves inside are also from the 16th century.

From Armiñón on the way to Zambrana we find Lancorzana, level with the confluence of the rivers Zadorra and Ayuda. Here we discover the Tower-House of the Hurtado de Mendoza family, in a very pleasant spot with lots of trees in front of if. The tower of rectangular base is merlon shaped in its upper part.

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