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Castle of Portilla

Portilla (Zambrana)

Although the first written references are dated in the year 1040, recent archaeological excavations demonstrate the occupation of this place from beginnings of the Age of the Iron, there being you opposing multiple remains of the time slow-romana(s.III to the V D.C.) as leaves of forks,pottery, mills,....

But it was during the Half Age when the importance of the place was bigger.It was a valuable one it pierces defensive of the Kingdom of Navarra since dominated the roads from the Ebro toward the valleys of the rivers Ayuda and Inglares.En the XIII century it would pass to be part of the Castilian Kingdom and with the transfer of its frontier toward the east would go losing its importance.

The constructive group was compound for the properly this castle in an almost inaccessible promontory and of the one that we can observe the remains of the central tower and of a reservoir. To their feet and protected by walls some natural ones and others lifted by their residents were the medieval village ,with the church and the buildings. As much the fortification as the town would be practically uninhabited in the XIV century being in charge of perhaps in times of armed conflicts.

Their castle was used as central reason of the shield of Alava.

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