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Social limit of hunt

Zuazo de Kuartango (Kuartango)

The Social Limit of Hunt of Kuartango of more than ten thousand hectares it is organized under the unit "lot" or "barracks"; in him, the gang of hunters (between 4 and 6 people) he/she practices the hunt during five hours each day. The lots, of great extension, they are designed in such a way that the diversity of the landscape that this valley possesses, be reflected in the hunting and this way in the possibilities of not only taking advantage of the "it hunts sowed" but other species and wild populations' copies (ducks, woodcocks, thrushes,pigeons,rabits,...). In Kuartango it is pursued, anyway that the hunt emulates the characteristics of you throw them natural that all hunter wants.

Other places in Kuartango:

Little image: Tower Urbina-Basabe Tower Urbina-Basabe
Urbina de Basabe (Kuartango)
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