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Lake of Caicedo de Yuso

Caicedo-Yuso (Lantarón)

Important humedal that forms a complete and singular ecosystem of great ecological value. Around the lake the vegetation grows in a concentric way. In their interior it highlights a wide extension of marshmallows, in the deep levels algae and a plant carnivorous call grow "utricularia". The lake is stopped habitual of migratory birds, mainly ducks and small zampullins who share territory with a permanent community of common fochas, easy to identify for the black color of their feathers and pick and front of white color.

As for the vegetation of the adjacent areas, we appreciate forst of holm oaks mainly.

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Little image:  Field of Adventure of Sobrón Field of Adventure of Sobrón
Sobrón (Lantarón)
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Little image:
Sobrón (Lantarón)
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