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Palace of Saez de Santamaría of Rivabellosa

Rivabellosa (Ribera Baja)

This "palace" Renaissance embedded by their east side to the priest´s house , was built taking advantage of previous medieval constructions as the reflective thing the irregularity of their plant and the inner distribution .The main part of the building is the tower with gallery of arches of half point, divided two at two for the stone with the inscription "credo in unum deum" of the family of the Pinedo de Albiz. In the lintel of a window it shines a small shield party with a ráices tree seen and the thirteen stars of the Salazar.

The interior garden conserves the geometric forms, in square, characteristic of the Spanish medieval garden , Renaissance pre_romantic. The distribution, with the help of stone fences defining the four squares and forming two walks in cross framed by old box hedges, it is contemporary of the construction of the house in their current form, at the beginning of the XVII century.

In 1463 they met the General meetings of Alava in this building to approve those "Ordinances and Laws with which this Very Noble and Very Loyal County of Alava is Governed", for those that you had governed this territory during centuries.

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Little image: Palace of Salazar of Manzanos Palace of Salazar of Manzanos
Manzanos (Ribera Baja)
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