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Natural Park of Valderejo

Valderejo (Valdegovía)

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Located in the western area of Alava limiting with Burgos, it occupies a semicircular valley surrounded by imposing calcareous crests in those that highlight the summits of Recuenco (1.239 m) and Vallegrull (1.226 m). it Welcomes to the towns of Lahoz, Lalastra, Rivera and Villamardones, these two last abandoned.The Natural Park was declared in 1992.

The vegetation is very varied and they can be mixed forests, groves, pinegroves and copies of hazel trees. The variety of ecosystems and the scarce human presence has propitiated the existence of a rich and varied fauna, highlighting the presence of the vulture leonado,corzo,jabalí.....

The river Purón travels him in its central part, being of having forced visit the deep ravine that forms it and that it serves in passing natural to the valleys of Burgos.

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