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Tower Urbina-Basabe

Urbina de Basabe (Kuartango)

In Urbina-Basabe it is found the architectural group that was House of the branch of the lineage Urbina or Ortiz of Urbina. The building was a center of religious, administrative and residential character in the beginning of the medieval centuries . It is composed of a Church of San Pedro's invocation erected at the end of the XII century on another construction, of a defensive tower embedded to the temple and of other less important buildings juxtaposed to the previous ones. In 1458 it reached the current appearance and at the beginning of the XVI century the current similar exempt reed-mace was built those that there is for the whole valley of Kuartango. At the present time it welcomes rooms of exhibitions in those that the materials are exhibited found in the recent restoration of the group.

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Zuazo de Kuartango (Kuartango)
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