Añana Tourism

Lake of Arreo


Route: 8km - 2 h y 40 min
Difficulty walking: Low
Difficulty on mountain bike: Middle/It is not recommended

Departure and arrival point: Salinas de Añana
Recommended season: All year round

The salt threshing floors are a national monument of the Basque Country and at the present they are being recovered. The lake of Caicedo de Yuso is a humedal that lodges a great biodiversity among which the aquatic and migratory birds stand out. The Monastery of San Juan de Acre, the Palaces of the Ozpinas and the Herrán and the Church of Sta. Mª de Villacones are also interesting .

Route description:

We begin the route from the Santa María de Villacones church, in Salinas de Añana.

After surrounding it, we go down to the river La Muera and we cross it by a bridge made of wood planks, beginning to go up along an ample track. We will make the first part of the route next to the wire fence that borders the salt threshing floors.

We find a first junction that we follow to the right, continuing to the left in the next two ones. Approximately about 0.5 km further on, in the next crossing, we turn abruptly to the right.

We go up to the south until we reach a track of good surface and we immediately cross the always dry channel of a stream.

We continue straight on during almost 1 km until we find a new junction to the left that we take, since the track at the right takes us back to the departure point. We go down a little until we arrive to a way that crosses perpendicularly our way. At this point we continue straight on through a footpath that gets in a Holm-oak wood that takes us to the lake of Caicedo-Yuso, borders it and arrives to a land of crop. If we make the route on bicycle we won't do this section, we will follow the way on the left way that also takes us to the lake.

We follow the route on foot by the boundary of the lake until an agricultural track, and after crossing a river that feeds the lake, we continue to the left by a local road. After a hundred metres we take the way to the right that leads us to the Hermitage of Nuestra Señora Del Lago. Once we have visited the hermitage we will leave this and take the front way.

After about 600 metres we will find a junction that we will follow to the right and we will return by the way of arrival during almost 2 km. We take a deviation to the right that approaches us the Monastery of San Juan de Acre. From here a bit more than 600 ms separate us from the departure point.

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