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Monte Oteros


Route: 9 km - 2 h y 30 min
Difficulty walking: Middle
Difficulty on mountain bike: It is not recommended

Departure and arrival point: Zuatzu - Kuartango
Recommended season: Spring and summer . Don't go up in case of fog because the way around is difficult to find.
The church of San Pedro in the high area of Zuazo - Kuartango can be visited. There is a beautiful panoramic of the valley of Kuartango (W), the mountain ranges of Arkamo, Gibijo (W) and Badaya. We can also see Gorbea (N), Toloņo, Cantabria and Kodes (S.E.).

Route description:

We start from the high part of the village of Zuhatzu - Kuartango. From the last small farmhouse underneath the church we take a wide track.

Further on at about 500 metres we will arrive at a junction, if we follow the same way we will see a metallic door that we will leave to the left when taking the way at the right.

The way gets in a forest of wild pines and the narrow path by gentle ascent of 1.5 km to a repeater.

Once in the repeater we will turn to the left; the track that we follow is a continuous slope with a beautiful panoramic of the valley of Kuartango. At about 300 metres we will find a track that crosses our way; we will follow straight on until we arrive at the Azkarate fountain.

We go up by the footpath leaving the fountain at our left and we arrive immediately at the high part of the chordal, the Portillo of Azkarate.

We are in the high part of the Brave Mountain range of Badaya, we follow the footpath until we find a stone wall that we will border leaving it to our left. This footpath will take to us to a small artificial water raft. The Oteros Mountain emphasizes in front in the plain of the mountain range, reason why it is easy to find the way towards the geodesic vertex that crowns it. .

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