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Pico Marinda


Route: 5,5 km - 2h y 20 min
Difficulty walking: Low/Middle
Difficulty on mountain bike: Low/Middle

Departure and arrival point: Sendadiano
Recommended season: All year round
There are wonderful views of the mountain ranges of Badaya and Arkamo and of all the valley of Kuartango.

Route description:

The stroll begins in the village of Sendadiano. Starting from the church we will go up through the main street till a metallic barrier. Crossing this barrier we continue by a stony way that takes us to a crossing of tracks. Once we are there, we will take the central track, the most rolled. Here we will see trimmed the pyramidal silhouette of the Marinda. The ascending track leaves to our left the valley of Basabe at the feet of the mountain range of Arkamo.

We walk 2.3 km along a way full of wild pines that takes us to the small hill with access to the summit. There we find a metallic door that we have to cross leaving the wide way. We advance through a not very noticeable footpath parallel to a wire fence that goes up the slope and we arrive to the summit after 20 minutes of tiring ascent.

If we go with children, on bike or we do not want to go up till the top, we can border the tip and before passing the metallic door we will take the way at the right. The Marinda peak will guide us. We must border it and from the white landmark of the J.A Marinda that we will find during all the route we must cross three metallic doors; once we cross the second metallic door that is next to the landmark nē 27, we will follow about 80 m. Between the landmarks nē 22 and nē 21 there is a way that goes down to the ruins of the hermitage of Marinda (village) that we can visit returning by the same road. We continue the way and we find the third metallic door next to the landmark nē 14, we cross it. Next we find two ways and we take the one that goes up to the left. After about 300 metres of ascent we will arrive to the departure point of the alternative route, returning by the same track to Sendadiano .

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