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Ruta de los castillos


Route: 18 km - 5 h
Difficulty walking: Middle
Difficulty on mountain bike: It is not recommended

Departure and arrival point: Ocio
Recommended season: All year round

The castles of Portilla and Lanos de Ocio were important defences given their strategic location. The one in Portilla is represented in the shield of Alava.

Route description:

We begin our way in Ocio, below the hill where the castle is, close to the informative poster of the two paths that belong to the small hiking trail. Once we have crossed the Inglares River, we take a track to the left, which a hundred metres later meets another made up track that leads us, after going up 300m, to the ruins of the Lanos castle dominating the village.

Again at the departure point we go back to the road A-3126 in direction to Zambrana. At about 300 metres we find a signal of Ocio and we take the track on the left. 700 metres from there we find a crossroad where we take direction Berantevilla towards the A-3126 road. After crossing it and continuing on about 20 metres we take a small path on the right, which belongs to the hiking trail (in front of a cave house built in the rock).

This path borders the Txulato Mountain during approximately 1.5 km. Meeting a track from where we will continue going up while we cross a narrow valley, we can see the rocky lime escarps to the left and the hillside of the Txulato Mountain to the right. 400 metres far from there, we leave the first fire lane and 1 km further on (25 metres before arriving at the fire lane), a narrow path on the left goes up in zigzag until the Portilla castle.

If we ride on bike, we would follow the track that leads us to the mountain's pit.

The ruins of the Portilla castle that are spread out among plenty of vegetation deserve a calm visit.

Once we have gone over them, we will go back to the southern side of the cliff crowned by a ruined building dominating the castle. Then we follow a small path that we see on the right, which wanders parallel to the Txulato Mountain, behind the building in ruins and leaving the castle on the left. Without leaving it, among stones and vegetation, and after one kilometre approximately we find a wide track, which we will take down to the right and it will lead us to the mountain's pit till a signal that points to Berganzo, Ocio or to Portilla. Once we are there we can take two roads:
- Towards Berganzo. We will go down to the village of Berganzo from the track that borders the Txulato Mountain. Once there we can visit the church built over the ruins of an ancient castle. In order to go back to the departure point, we take the land road that goes through the hermitage of Nuestra Sra. Del Campo and wanders also parallel to the left bank of the Inglares River during about 3 km.
- Towards Ocio. We can go down to Ocio following the road on the right; this track is the same we had left when we went up to the Portilla castle .

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