Añana Tourism

Green Route

Route: 11,5 km - 6 h y 15 min
Difficulty walking: Low
Difficulty on mountain bike: Middle

Departure and arrival point: Montevite - Trespuentes
Recommended season: All year round
Interesting for your visit are the three Carlist towers of Nanclares, the bath of Bolem, the Oppidum of Iruña and the Botanical Garden of Sta. Catalina. The itinerary is signalised entirely and throughout the same one we will find different informative panels that present didactically the natural, historical and cultural values that the route agglutinates.

Route description:

The route starts at the laundry located next to the road A-2622 that leads to Montevite. We arrive at the village where we take the way that will lead us to Ollávarre among crop fields at first and under Holm-oak woods later.

Already in Ollávarre (2.8 km - 1h 20 min.) and after crossing the village we head again to the east, and through a way of rock wall plate mainly among oaks, in a bit more than 1.5 km we will arrive to the road where we continue to the left towards the limestone quarries in operation. Here we take the way that leads to the old quarries of the Torco and through an asphalted via we go up to the nowadays restored tower of signals that dominates the villa of Nanclares (4,5 km - 2h 30).

After a visit to the tower the way continues by the recently spotted prairies until reaching a way that borders to the north next to orchards the village of Nanclares,. Through Holm-oak woods we continue going up bordering the meander that the Zadorra River draws in the area of the mill of Gárabo. In this section we can take junctions to visit, first the old bath and later the old prey and the mill of Gárabo.

To the right we can see the picture of the penitentiary centre. The way continues here through Holm-oak woods towards the SW-NE till arriving to Víllodas. (7.2 km. 4h 15 min). Before reaching this village we will be able to contemplate on a small hill the hermitage of San Pelayo. We cross the village through the streets and we go by the roman bridge that passes the Zadorra River at the edge of the village. Then we take an asphalted way that leads to the Roman ruins of Iruña.

We border the hill of Iruña and we go down a small hill till the bridge of Trespuentes. (10 km. 5h 45 min), ending point of the itinerary. Nevertheless the ruins of the Monastery of Santa Catalina are an obligatory visit (11.5 km. 6h 15 min). It will be a Botanical Garden very soon. In order to enter into this recondite place, after passing the bridge we take to the left the road that borders the village by its low part until we arrive to the quarries. We find an asphalted way that after going up about 700 metres, between a vegetation of great wealth by its biodiversity, will lead us the Botanical Garden.

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