Añana Tourism



Route: 8,1km - 2 h. 30 min
Difficulty walking: Low
Difficulty on mountain bike: High

Departure and arrival point: Sobron
Recommended season: spring and summer

Flora and fauna: field pine, holly tree, oak, roe deers, wild boars... Cultural or ethnographical elements: The hermitage of Mellera and the Tower of the Salazar family in Nograro.

Route description:

We leave the car crossing the park of the Ebro in the car park to the left.

We go ahead and find a concrete track that leads us to the ancient village of Sobrón abandoned not very long ago. Going up, on the right we see the rocks where numerous vulture colonies can be found.

When arriving at the town, from the two streets that receive us we take the one at the left where we find the rests of the bread furnace used improvised chapel for an image of the virgin.

We take the way at the right that goes between this chapel and the fountain and after about 100 metres we arrive at a barrier. When passing through it there is a drinking trough.

Leaving an open field to the left we follow the way between hazels and boxwoods. Further on we leave two ways on the right, a small one at about 75 ms that takes us to an open field and other that goes up to about 300 m.

When arriving at the following deviation we follow the way at the right that goes up during about 1.1km. Surrounded by strawberry bushes or borto (name also used in Spain to talk about it) and oaks we leave to both sides the ways that go to the track, which we descend until we arrive to a very open field with centennial chestnuts surrounded by majestic mountains where we can enjoy a wonderful landscape.

We follow the sign of the way, trees of great size surround us again. The way leads us to a wire fence that we will cross to arrive to the highway. We take to the left; after 2 km we arrive to the prey of the marsh, we exceed it and after walking for a kilometre we arrive to the departure point.


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