Cuadrilla of Añana

Cuadrilla of Añana

Imagen: Escudo de añana

The Cuadrilla de Añana is one of the seven parts that divide the territory of Álava, its surface is of and its population of 8.283 inhabitants.
The Parts of Álava are modern institutions that joined to the historical figures succeed in administrating and attending the needs of the regions and their inhabitants.We want to bring to light the Cuadrilla de Añana.

You will discover two well-distinguished landscape areas: On the one hand the Western Valleys and on the other the Plain to which we lean out through the town of Iruña de Oca.

As to the climate, we receive the influence of the Cantabrian Sea from the north and the Mediterranean Sea from the south, which could be defined as inland Cantabrian.

The orography is likewise peculiar, for different and independent from each other valleys form it.
As for our people, we live mainly from farming and forestry, although industry has started to be considered developing element in the last years; our tourism potential has started to be developed as well and promotion of our potential for tourism has begun.

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The Cuadrilla of Añana's Municipalities are:
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