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Bridge of Armiñon on the Zadorra

Armiñon (Armiñón)

Bridge of Armiñon on the Zadorra Some vestiges found in the surroundings verify the use of this bridge on the Zadorra already by the Romans. The bridge, construction of the XIV or XV century was first documented on 1339. It consists of 6 eyes, both first with pointed arches and the remaining of half point and 5 tajamares or salient that cut the current of it dilutes and they work in their superior part as sidings for the pedestrians. The factory is of good quality with ashlars forming regular arrays. For this bridge it passed the "Camino Real de Postas" that communicates Madrid and France of great importance for the transport of goods and travelers. In the first Carlist war was partly dynamited by the pretender's order Don Carlos. This circumstance unit to the sheer incline of the last road the bridge toward Rivabellosa and to the hardship of the roadway it mades that in 1848 gives way this via, being built other "New Bridge" down the Zadorra river.

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