Añana Tourism

Barrón - Atiega

Ribera Alta

Route: 8 km - 2 h
Difficulty walking: Low
Difficulty on mountain bike: It is not recommended

Departure and arrival point: Barrón
Recommended season: All year round
There are views of Valdegovía where we can see roe deers and other big game animals.

Route description:

We begin the route at the entrance of the Tower Hotel of Samaniego, taking the road that leads to Pobes (back to the Hotel, to the right). We take the first lane on the right, we go round the edge of the village downwards and we follow the lane leaving the Municipality.

We reach a little pool and we take the way at its left on a rather rugged track that goes round the edge of a small hillock. Looking at the right we can see the small hill of Peñamil. We follow the winding lane without leaving Itinerary and after walking 1,4km, we leave a new lane on the right.

We pass between two truffle plantations that are fenced. We advance forward in order to get in an area of field pines and oaks, leaving two lanes that appear to the left and one to the right. If we look back we can see the village of Artaza.

We reach a metallic barrier that we we find in order to go down the track and after crossing another barrier we come across three ways. There we choose the one to the right, that moves forward protected by pine trees, kermes oaks and common Jupiter trees.

Without turning aside, and parallel to what in winter is a stream, we move towards an area that opens up in some cereal properties. With a bit of luck, if we pay attention and move forward in silence, We will be able to see roe deers early in the morning, especially in spring and summer. If we look at the left we can see come into sight the village of Espejo, the Bachicabo Mountain and the entrance to Valdegovía. We continue going down and without leaving the road, we will see the red brick deposit at the left and a rubbish dump at the right.

Going down the slope we arrive to the village of Atiega and we will stop in front of its church. Taking the road to the right we will go back to Barrón till our starting point.

From Atiega we can go to Bellojín and Villamaderne with interesting churches.

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