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The Lastra Hillforts


Route: 5,6 km.
Difficulty walking: Low
Difficulty on mountain bike: It is not recommended

Departure and arrival point: Caranca
Recommended season: All year round
We can visit the church and mill of Caranca, and the road leads us to the village of the Lastra Hillforts, which apparently was inhabited since the Iron Age.

Route description:

We begin the trip at a small "car park" just before the village's north edge, and we head for the south entrance, towards Angosto. Between the houses nº 6 and nº8, we take a path that leads into a strip of good road surface. We cross the river Tumecillo by a small bridge and we walk by the side of an old mill. About 150m from there, the lane turns to the left. However, we will take the path on the right that goes across a metallic door.

During 1,1 km we will follow the course of the river until we reach another lane that we will leave on the right, thus taking the lane to the left, which begins to go upwards.

We go by the side of a pond, where we can observe the footsteps and marks of different animals that go there to bathe. After going up for 300m we come across a wire fence. We take the lane onthe left, which goes up another 500m, parallel with a wire fence that remains on the right. In a small open field, a half-hidden signal behind an ilex points to the right The Lastra Hillforts (in the path that borders the site, there is an explanatory panel about it). By this path we can arrive to the crenellations of La Peña, from where beautiful views of the valley can be seen. We go back to the open field and turn to the right where the lane begins to go down towards Caranca. In the next junction continuing on the right, we see the village of Caranca in front. We have another junction 700m from there, which we leave on the right, thus following the lane that goes down until we arrive to Caranca.

The entire route is located in a setting regarded as an interesting natural space.

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